GC-IMS analyzer

Industrial Ambient Air & Process Gas Monitoring

IUT IMS-analyzer monitoring solutions cover a wide range of industries and compounds where ultra-low detection, rapid response and alarm, continuous monitoring and low maintenance are required. This includes both indoor and outdoor applications where hot/cold and wet/dry conditions will occur. Whether monitoring for worker safety or production control the IMS-analyzers have the lowest maintenance requirements while continuously monitoring the most difficult compounds. The typical ranges of detection are from ppt to percent levels, insuring detection in time to avert a critical event.

IUT designs and manufactures IMS, GC-IMS, PID, GC-PID and EC analyzers specific for the industry and application, so you can be assured your workers and production environment are continuously protected.

Examples of compounds monitored:
Acetic acid   Acetonitrile   Acrylonitrile Aldehydes   Ammonia   Amines Arsine   BTX   Chlorine Chlorine Dioxide   CMM   DMS Ethylene Oxide   HFPO   HCFC and HFC’s Hydrogen Cyanide   Hydrogen Fluoride   Hydrogen Chloride Hydrogen-Perioxide   Isocyanate   Methyl Bromide Methyl iodode   N-Metyhlpyrrolidone   NO2/N2O  PFIB   Phosgene   Phosphine
SO2/SO3   VCM. And many others…

Technical Note – IMS

The ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is an analytical technique to separate and therefore to identify ionized molecules in the gas phase.

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GC-IMS analyzer

The IMS-Analyzer is a multi-gas analyzer as Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) with high sensitivity in the lower ppb-range and high resolution. With this trace-gas analyzer toxic gases can be detected and identified without any enrichment directly in situ already at a very low concentration level.

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CWA analyzer

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